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Orthopaedic implants and instruments from Stryker are the result of years of experience and collaboration with respected surgeons. We thus develop practical products that are fit for purpose and serve the wellbeing of the patients through minimally invasive interventions, short healing periods and long-term dependability.

Sports medicine

Complicated joint fractures and ligament ruptures commonly occur in everyday life, at work and during sporting activities. Stryker offers a comprehensive range of open and arthroscopic treatments for these injuries. Our systems include instruments, absorbable and non-absorbable implants, as well as platforms for arthroscopy and surgical visualisation of the knee, shoulder, hip and smaller joints.

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As a pioneer in fundamental endoprosthetic research, Stryker can build upon the long-term clinical results from several million implants. Our product range for knee and hip prostheses permit individually adaptable, highly precise solutions offering long-term dependability.

Hip replacements from Stryker provide maximum movement with minimum intervention.


people have been helped back onto their feet with hip and knee prostheses from Stryker.

Hip replacement

A hip prosthesis enables patients to lead an active life despite an accident or arthritis. Stryker offers the right implant and implantation process for each patient. Our holistic solutions are co-ordinated with one another from the implants themselves, through the instrumentation, to research and development. For more rapid rehabilitation, less pain and greater quality of life for the patients.

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Knee replacement

The development of knee replacement focuses on the rapid recovery of mobility. Stryker supports surgeons with high-quality clinically proven solutions for all endoprosthetic interventions on the knee joint - from isolated patellofemoral arthritis to tumour operations.

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Pioneering inventions for osteosynthesis are an important part of Stryker’s work. This began with the development of the intramedullary nail and the fixation system with freely positionable pins and led on to solutions that have been recognised worldwide. These include the T2 locking nail system, the VariAx polyaxial locking plate system and the Hoffmann external fixation system. These future-oriented solutions support the work of surgeons and the remission of patients.

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> 20.000

different products exist in Stryker's trauma and extremities portfolio

Foot and ankle

Foot and ankle surgery is one of Stryker’s core competences. Whether locking plate systems, cannulated screws, nail or fixation systems, our solutions help surgeons deal with numerous different indications. Our high service standards mean that an implant order can be delivered to the patient within 24 hours in most countries.

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Stryker provides a wide range of solutions for fractures, deformities and joint replacement in the extremities. Stryker’s range offers comprehensive treatments for the extremities – from the VariAx polyaxial locking plate system for treating fractures, through joint replacement in the hand and wrist, to fixation systems.

Spinal surgery

Stryker offers a co-ordinated product range with its combination of comprehensive fixation systems and intelligent instruments. During development, close collaboration with spinal surgeons with worldwide reputations guarantees safe interventions for users and patients, as well as excellent clinical results.

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different systems for stabilization, rotation and fusion support surgeons in all fields of spinal surgery.