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The face, cranium and jaw are among the most difficult areas to operate on. They demand comprehensive specialist knowledge and maximum precision from surgeons and theatre teams. Instruments and systems from Stryker support surgeons with optimised handling, precise positioning and wide-ranging fields of application.

The various modules offer the right range for every purpose. Plates, screws and tools are precisely co-ordinated with one another and their function is colour-coded.


sets with plates, screws and tools are kept ready for you at all times.

Oral, jaw and maxillofacial surgery

In 1984 the company Leibinger was able to present the first plating system for oral, jaw and maxillofacial surgery that was made of pure titanium. This system was developed in close collaboration with the university medical center in Würzburg. A few years later another implant system was introduced which extended the available spectrum of plates with different designs and plate profiles.

The 2.0 MP System is the advancement of these two systems. It embraces different plate systems along with additional innovative constructions and characteristics, like the Cross Pin Screw-Head Design and self-drilling Screws.

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ENT - ear, nose, throat

NASOPORE® is a nose dressing for improved wound healing. This bioresorbable product is a self-dissolving, temporary nasal wound dressing for patients that had to do surgery at their nose sinuses. It was developed to improve wound healing, minimize the generation of edema and prevent the formation of adhesion.

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This bioresorbable product is a self-dissolving temporary nasal wound dressing for patients who undergo an operative paranasal sinus intervention

The nasal wound dressing for improved healing of wounds

Face-saving implants.

The treatment of injuries, deformities and tumours, as well as reconstruction surgery on the skull, the midface and the jaw, make special demands of surgeons. This not only involves training, which requires knowledge of human and dental medicine, but also patient expectations. The head and face are the centre of self-image and the perceptions of others, and functional problems swallowing, tasting and talking are mostly accompanied by considerable psychological stress.

Stryker supports surgeons with modular implant systems for the entire cranial and facial area. These include implants in the required sizes and the appropriate instrumentation. A well-thought out colour-coding system and customised storage and preparation systems also ensure the simple handling of all components.

Implants produced individually according to patient data together with modular implant systems from Stryker also ensure great precision and optimum patient care in the sensitive cranial and maxillofacial areas.

Stryker also offers patient-specific implants especially for difficult injuries or tumour-related interventions. Precision-fit implants are developed on the basis of individual patient data and convince both in functional and aesthetic terms, meeting the individual needs of patients and surgeons. Surgeons can adapt implant design to the patient’s individual anatomical factors by defining specific implant features. This does away with time-consuming intraoperative adaptations and preparations whilst achieving greater accuracy and efficiency as well as considerably improved patient benefits.

Craniomaxillofacial products (CMF products) from Stryker are developed in close collaboration with a network of internationally respected surgeons and specialists. This results in innovations that are optimally co-ordinated for clinical use by surgeons and hospital staff.

Interventional neuroradiology

Vascular diseases in the brain require highly specialised minimally invasive treatment strategies. Stryker’s range includes extremely flexible access products, implants for treating intracranial aneurysms, and retriever systems for rapid and effective stroke therapy. Stryker constantly expands the possibilities of interventional neuroradiology by collaborating with international specialists.

Illnesses originating from the blood vessels of the brain always require sophisticated minimally invasive treatment strategies. The comprehensive range from Stryker includes both extremely flexible access products such as microcatheters and guidewires, as well as implants (detachable coils, micro-stents and FlowDiverter) especially for the endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms. In acute stroke therapy, special retriever systems from Stryker Neurovascular enable safe and reproducible handling through their unique visibility. The wide range of sizes offered permits safe and effective removal of blood clots in the most varied of vascular diameters. Stryker constantly develops solutions for improving the possibilities of endovascular treatments in stroke therapy through its many years of collaboration with neurointerventionalists and through comprehensive experience in the production of these highly specialised products. Furthermore, Stryker Neurovascular promotes the training of neurointerventionalists and the surveying of clinical study data to examine the safety and effectiveness of products.

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The Trevo XP ProVue Retriever is used to treat acute ischaemic strokes.