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Medical instruments from Stryker represent continuations of surgeons’ fingers and eyes. They provide a comprehensive overview, maximum precision and unique sensitivity, even under difficult working conditions – and thus meet the key prerequisites for successful interventions and the rapid recovery of patients. Modern production processes and extensive quality inspections ensure that every single product supplied meets our strict standards. Our navigation and operating robot technologies assist in raising surgeons’ capabilities to a completely new level.

Accurate, powerful and flexible: the unique ergonomy, high torque and wide variety of accessories for drive machines from Stryker are impressive.


surgical instruments produced every year.

Surgical instruments

Stryker provides surgeons with state-of-the-art machines, accessories and other theatre equipment with high-quality components and maximum quality. Practical requirements and experience flow into the development of our current and future products thanks to close contacts between developers, sales specialists and doctors – and our joint success helps numerous people regain an active mobile life.

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Endoscopy and visualisation

Stryker repeatedly opens up new perspectives for minimally invasive surgery in the area of visualisation and video technology in the theatre. The high-resolution 3-chip camera, system-integrated device control, WLAN and LAN documentation system, theatre monitoring and control system, radio monitor and many other developments from our research departments are innovations that really do offer added value for users. As customised system solutions, perfectly co-ordinated with one another, Stryker endoscopy devices and instruments support theatre teams in minimally invasive surgery.

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Precise and non-damaging: the high-resolution imaging and ergonomic instrumentation of the endoscopy systems from Stryker are impressive.

Integrated and individual: theatre solutions from Stryker precisely meet your requirements.

iSuite theatre solutions

iSuite theatre solutions – integrated solutions for the operating room consisting of modular video management, integrated device control, data archiving, theatre illumination, tables and ceiling supply units – simplify processes in the operating theatre!

The flexibly configurable iSuite enables rapid preparation and optimum working conditions during the intervention. We thus make an important contribution to the quality of medical care, to ergonomic processes and to efficient use of operating theatres.

With more than 8,000 iSuite installations worldwide, Stryker’s iSuite specialists have comprehensive expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated theatre solutions.

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Navigation systems from Stryker minimise the level of invasion and increase the precision of surgical interventions to a hitherto impossible extent. They also decrease the risk of injury to patients’ functional structures. In neurosurgery, spinal surgery and endoprosthetics we can significantly expand the therapeutic possibilities because many interventions would be inconceivable without the use of our modern navigation systems.

The platform of our navigation systems consists of the central computer, the camera system for highly precise position and angle determination, as well as monitors for visualisation. The systems’ modular structure allows software, instruments and implants to be adapted increasingly specifically to the desired field of use.

We continuously drive forward our developments in navigation technologies. In addition to active optical systems, we also use other technologies such as optical pattern recognition for ENT navigation. Sterile disposable instruments equipped with mini-cameras replace the navigation camera and permit trouble-free operation with great precision. No calibration of the instruments is required, permitting uncomplicated handling.

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High precision: Stryker sets new standards in surgical navigation with its unique tracking technology.

Approx. 100.000

successful operations are carried out every year using navigation systems from Stryker.

Taking the next step: The Stryker Mako® surgical robot takes precision and reliability to the next level.

< 2 mm

the accuracy of surgical robots from Stryker MAKO®.


Surgical robots from Stryker MAKO® open up new potentials in orthopaedic surgery. Exploiting CT-based 3D models, they enable pin-point interventions limited to the planned area – always under the complete control of the surgeon, and with a precision and safety that is simply impossible for conventional instruments to achieve. The surgeon can adapt and align knee and hip implants precisely to the individual anatomy. Patients profit from a minimum intervention, more rapid recovery and simpler physiotherapy.

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