Medical equipment

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What makes our medical equipment so special? We consider all the participants. This naturally includes the patients who are reliant on safe, stable and comfortable transport. Nowadays, however, increasing demands are made of medical specialists during patient transport, which is why we pay great attention to their health. Stairs, inclines, long distances and the increasing weights of patients pose increasing physical challenges for rescue teams and caregivers. We at Stryker therefore attach great importance to products whose ergonomic designs reduce the risk of injury and increase employee satisfaction.

Stryker EMS – patient transport

Speed is essential in emergencies – which sometimes involve stairs, rough terrain and long distances, exposing rescue specialists to high risks of injury. Our transport systems stabilise and protect the patients whilst also relieving the rescue teams by means of well thought-out solutions for lifting and lowering, as well as for transferring and loading into rescue vehicles. We want to make the work of rescue personnel more ergonomic and safer. We improve patient safety and reduce the risk of injury to medical personnel through continuous innovation carried out worldwide.

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The innovative, battery-driven hydraulic system of the Power-PRO XT ambulance cot raises and lowers the patient at the touch of a button. This demonstrably relieves the burden on the rescue staff.


the maximum weight of a patient transported with a Power-PRO XT ambulance cot.

The design of the Prime TC transport chair is characterised by its BackSmart technology that prevents back injuries. It cuts out caregiver strain caused by unnatural bending and grasping movements.


of caregivers evaluate the Prime TC as an easy-to-use and efficient transport chair.

Stryker patient handling

From the rescue vehicle to the emergency room and right up until patient discharge: our patient handling products ensure safe patient transport throughout the hospital – and not just for the patients. Our products have simple and user-friendly designs. Apart from patient comfort, the ergonomics and safety of the caregivers are focused on in all our products. Regardless of whether an x-ray-enabled stretcher or the Stryker TC transport chair, we have reduced unnatural movements to a minimum with our BackSmart technology.

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Stryker patient care – patient positioning

Nobody wants to have to stay at a hospital. So it is important that during longer stays patient comfort is maintained and the work of the caregivers is simplified. Our unique mattresses – with a variety of systems for long-term positioning and for preventing bedsores – reduce the need for repositioning long-stay patients whilst permanently relieving the burden for caregivers.

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IsoFlex LAL is a gel therapeutic support surface